About the Mission

It's a long story. But, in a nutshell, we met and fell in love 37 years ago. Amy & Joel. We married, had two sons, raised them, and built a deep love for family and home along the way. Home has always involved gardening and connecting with nature. We moved to a new neighborhood in 2014 and began building relationships that changed our lives while leading us down a road of soul searching as we began to witness inequalities we couldn’t deny. We felt we had to acknowledge what we were seeing on a daily basis and do what we could to meet needs and create opportunities for the families who had welcomed us into the neighborhood and become our extended family. Soon after, we created this workshop series when Holly Chapple and Hitomi Gilliam, two world-renowned floral designers, volunteered to come to Downtown Bryan, Texas to teach and donate the ticket sales back to our community. And the story continues…


Amy & Joel McGee

Botanical Brouhaha Workshop Series hosts



We’re grateful for each of you.

Thank you for believing in the BB Garden Style initiative and showing your support by purchasing a ticket to the BB Garden Style Workshop or making a donation. Because of your help, we’ve been able to:

  • Provide rent assistance to a local family of 7 for one year

  • Provide transportation assistance to local families

  • Give a high school student the opportunity to pursue a dream of building a modeling portfolio and be featured in a national publication

  • Give a local mother the chance to expand her experience in cosmetology while working on a professional photo shoot

  • Provide orthodontic treatment for a preteen

  • Provide occasional work opportunities to local mothers

  • Provide assistance for various opportunities for local youth (including sports camp tuition, driver’s education, letter jacket purchase, etc)


The Botanical Brouhaha Garden Style Workshop Series

After partnering with Market 1023 to create the Botanical Brouhaha Garden Style Shop (which has since moved online), we soon realized we could accomplish even more with the help of industry friends. Holly Chapple and Hitomi Gilliam, AIFD partnered with us to launch the Botanical Brouhaha Garden Style Workshop Series November 5-6, 2018. On April 2, 2019, two more flower friends, Francoise Weeks and Jennifer Ederer, traveled to Downtown Bryan for the second workshop in the series. In November 2019, Susan McLeary, Phil John Perry, and Holly Chapple will join us for the next workshop in the Botanical Brouhaha Workshop Series.