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The Story


From the Botanical Brouhaha Blog:

...we're working on a new project at Botanical Brouhaha.  It came to fruition this week and I've been struggling all week to find the words to accurately explain the scope of what we're doing because it's not really a project.  It's mostly just life.  Or at least, I feel like it should be. 

...The backstory is a bit personal, but it's critical to understand the story as a whole. 

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Get Involved

If you're a maker of botanical merchandise and would like to make a straight donation or be considered to sell your merchandise in the shop on consignment, contact Amy at or Market 1023 at

If you have a particular skill and would be willing to share it by teaching or mentoring, contact Amy or Market 1023.

If you'd prefer to contribute toward paying wages, operating costs, or providing training opportunities, click here or contact Amy

Shop Botanical Brouhaha Garden Style online (click here). Check back regularly as our merchandise is constantly changing!

We're all ears!  Let us know what's on your mind.  Contact Amy or Market 1023 (email addresses above)


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